Fish Tagine


1lb of Cod, Mullet, Sea bass, Monkfish, Prawns...any combination but no oily fish)
4tbsp olive oil
1 onion
1tsp paprika
Juice of one lemon. Keep the zest.
1tbsp Cumin and Coriander, tomato puree and chopped coriander
A pinch of Saffron
2 cloves of garlic
2 skinless red peppers
1 fresh fennel
ΒΌ lb potatoes



Marinate the fish cut into 1" chunks overnight or for a couple of hours in olive oil, lemon juice, fresh coriander, saffron or turmeric, garlic and cumin.

Finely chop the onion. Soften it in olive oil. Add some sliced fresh fennel, 2 diced skinless sweet peppers (Refer to Meshwia in the starters for method of skinning peppers), chopped garlic, pinch of saffron, pinch of cumin, 1tbsp chopped coriander, 1tsp of blanched lemon zest or pickled lemon, 1tbsp tomato puree, a tsp of paprika, 2 potatoes cut into wedges.

Cover with water, add a fish stock cube and simmer until potatoes are nearly ready.
Add the fish to the Tagine and poach until cooked (5min).
Serve with chopped coriander.
You can add a little chilli if you wish.